Month: February 2018

Holy burrito!

When we transitioned to a whole foods plant based diet, I started by adapting our favourite meals. This was the easiest way of getting us all used to it, rather than introducing totally new dishes. We’ve always loved burritos. I think it’s… Read More

Surprise baby finger food!

I’ve been experimenting with finger food for my 10 month old daughter. It’s been a bit hit and miss, basically because she’s a princess and wants to be fed. No matter what I tried, she had no intention of holding food for… Read More

3 ingredient cookies!

My family has been missing cookies so I had a think and whipped these up today. They took me all of 15 minutes to prepare and they taste really good. They’re crisp on the outside and chewy in the middle. The dates… Read More

What the health?!

Before we started this way of eating, I did lots of research. I was worried about protein, fat, and if my children would get enough vitamins. Then I thought to myself, these were the same things I was worried about before we… Read More

Yummy one pot curry

I made this curry by accident a few weeks ago. It was the day before shopping day and our veg box delivery from Food Together New Plymouth. My fridge and cupboards were pretty bare, it was 3.30pm and I was stressing about… Read More

Carrot & cumin hummus

We have hummus pretty much every day. I use it as a spread on wraps for hubby’s lunch, the kids have it in their lunch boxes and I have it with quinoa bread. This recipe is so good, you’ll be making it… Read More

Banana & blueberry breakfast slice

This is a great slice to make at the weekend for the following week’s breakfast. It’s really filling and full of delicious flavours. It’s great for when you’re in a rush in the mornings as it holds together really well and can… Read More

This bread is awesome!

I came across this recipe in a plant based group on Facebook. I was a bit sceptical, but after making it a few times and adjusting the seasoning to our liking we have a winner! I had to play around with the… Read More

A sweet treat

Since going plant based I’ve really missed my sweet treats. I’ve got such a sweet tooth and on a bad day I had no problem munching my way through a few home made brownies! I regularly make bliss balls with nuts and… Read More

Lunch boxes

So I thought I’d share a bit about my kids Lunch boxes. This isn’t to tell you how to pack it or what to put in it, but just to give you some ideas. Even though we’ve only been plant based for… Read More

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