What the health?!

Before we started this way of eating, I did lots of research. I was worried about protein, fat, and if my children would get enough vitamins. Then I thought to myself, these were the same things I was worried about before we went plant based and we were already eating whole foods and loads of veggies!!

There is so much information about the whole foods plant based way of eating, I was getting bamboozled!

It’s not to be confused with veganism, which is a way of life encompassing not only food but animal exploitation in every form. As much as I hate how animals are treated for humans to eat, we can’t afford to replace our leather couch or our shoes and all my handbags. Not that I use a handbag any more; Fiorelli and Guess don’t make handbags big enough for nappies, wipes, snacks and the kitchen sink you need for 2 kids under 3!

So I joined plant based Facebook groups, searched the web and got advice from a good friend who was already doing it. I also watched a few movies again; Forks over Knives, Earthlings and What the Health.

In my humble opinion the film Forks over Knives has the most scientific information about why this way of eating is best for us. I really liked the way Dr Caldwell Esselstyn explained the lifestyle and the health benefits. He talks about the China Study and his own longitudinal studies he had done with his patients. What he says really resonated with me and so I was convinced this was the right way to go.

I’ve ended up taking bits and pieces from different places.

  • Rawtillwhenever (high carb hannah) focuses on a high carb, low fat diet. She has some amazing cookbooks which I’ve purchased and taken lots of inspiration from. I try to eat at least one raw meal a day or at least encompass a raw element.
  • Forks over Knives focuses on prevention/management and reversing chronic diseases such as diabetes, Heart disease and high blood pressure. The diet does not allow oil.
  • Plant powered families with Dreena Burton (on facebook) is all about sharing insights and tips on raising plant based children. They have great resources regarding nutrition for children and good ideas for family meals.

So We’re only 5 weeks in but it feels like we’ve been eating this way forever. I can’t imagine going back to eating animal products and processed food.

I’m so proud of all of us, especially Jamari and Stephen. They’ve both really embraced the food and the reasons we’re doing it. We have given Jamari a choice however. When he’s at school, at a mate’s place or a social function he can make his own choices. In the first few weeks, he had an ice cream, a sausage and a piece of chicken. Afterwards he complained of a stomach ache and commented on how different it tasted. This week he had his first cooking class at school as part of tech. He told his teacher he was vegan so didn’t want to add the cheese or salami to the pizza they were making. I was extremely proud of him. It’s the first time he’s owned plant based eating. Previously he’s told people ‘my mum says we don’t eat animal products’.

We’re not totally perfect though, Stephen and I are still having a beer or wine at the weekends. And we’re still partial to chocolate; Whittakers 70% cocoa dark ghana is the new favourite!

I’m really look forward to the next few months as I learn more recipes and continue to feel so much better. I’ve also got another round of tests coming up in the next few weeks. I’m really interested to find out if eating this way has made any difference to the sarcoidosis.

So watch this space for more updates, tips and recipes.

Thank you for all the kind words and encouragement, it means a lot.


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