Did someone say polenta chips?

Have you had polenta chips, they are amazing aren’t they? I had never eaten polenta before a few weeks ago. Yes, yes I’m a foodie and I’ve only just discovered polenta. I’ve seen people making it on tv shows like Master chef and My kitchen rules before, but they always made it look so complicated and something always went wrong with the dish.

I went to Cafe Green Door, an awesome cafe here in New Plymouth. I was planning to have a more substantial meal but Josiah broke loose from my grip and I had to chase him around with Janayah in the carrier! I’d lost the will to go through the menu so I just said I’ll take the polenta chips.

They were awesome. The dipping sauce was so good that I let Josiah lick the dish! I knew then that I had to make them at home. It’s been a bit of trial and error but this recipe is so easy and fool proof, you can’t mess it up!

I only cooked half of the recipe at the time of making it. It kept really well covered in the fridge until the next day and made 4 decent sized servings.


• 1.5c polenta

• 3c water

• 1tsp garlic powder

• 1 tsp onion powder

• 1/2 tsp Masterfoods All Purpose seasoning

• 1 veg stock cube

• 1/2 tsp salt

• 2 tbsp Braggs nutritional yeast


• Bring the water to boil and add all the ingredients

• Keep stirring it until all the moisture is absorbed

• Line a rectangle pan then add the polenta mix, smooth the top and place in the freezer for 15 minutes

• Turn the mixture onto a board and cut into uniform pieces

• Bake at 200° for 15 mins then turn the chips and cook for another 10 minutes

Serve with your favorite dipping sauce as a snack or some veggies for a meal.


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