It’s about the journey, not the destination

I’m writing this on the drive back home from Ohope Beach. We’ve just spent 5 nights there; our first holiday in 2 years and our first as a family of 5. We had a great time just being together and doing fun stuff.

As anyone with young children knows, going away is like a military operation. It’s not always relaxing, but the break from the usual routine and being all together is awesome.

So I did some meal planning before we left and took a few nights dinners with us. I had planned on topping up at the local supermarket for extra veggies and stuff as we needed them. We had also decided that we would eat out and that this may take us away from whole foods. We were ok with that as it was only going to be for a few days.

Well it turns out my meal planning wasn’t so great after all! I was 2 dinners short and had completely forgotten about lunches. So we ate lots of hot chips (fries), sandwiches, potato chips, weetbix and fruit. Stephen and Jamari had a couple of hamburgers and hotdogs and I tried a piece of fish and some blue cheese. We also tried some Bio cheese, which we didn’t like at all. Some might call me a hypocrite but I don’t care. This is my family’s journey to a healthier diet; its fraught with temptation and a lifetime’s worth of ingrained meat and dairy eating. We’re bound to have the odd slip up.

What I did learn on this particular journey is threefold.

1. When travelling with the family I need to be much more organized and prepare easy meals and snacks for us.

2. We’re really lucky in New Plymouth that there are lots of eateries who cater for plantbased/vegan diners. They’re always happy to make an existing dish vegan or make something totally fresh just for you.

3. Eating a plantbased diet is what my body needs and prefers. I have honestly felt like crap these last few days. I’ve been lethargic, bloated, nauseous and I haven’t slept well; although the sleeping could be attributed to our youngest children waking constantly in the night, every night!

So, we’re human after all! I do love this new way of eating as it makes us all feel so much better physically, mentally and socially. We’ve had lots of conversations about why we are plantbased over the last week and we’re positive we’ve made the right choice for our family.

In an effort to do more for our environment and to teach our children about sustainability, we’ve been trying to cut down on our use of plastic. We already use metal straws, take reusable bags to the fruit and veg shop, I use calico produce bags, I shop at Binn Inn where I can buy in bulk and take my own containers and I use beeswax wraps instead of glad wrap (cling film).

We’ve got a way to go on this journey of ours and I’m not sure what the destination is, but I really do believe that by sharing our journey and experiences we as a family can make a difference.

We just went through Mokau and it’s a lovely feeling when you can see the top of our mountain.

We’re nearly home, Taranaki really is like no other.

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