The benefits of making your own bread Yesterday a friend told me that she loved my 5 seed bread and that it didn’t make her bloated, like shop bought bread. She asked me why, so I thought my response would be great… Read More

Simone’s Plant Based Kitchen is popping up cafe style at the Wellness Fair in Inglewood on 15th June. It’ll be in the Town Hall, 34 Cutfield Street. I am committed to reducing my own waste so I’m excited to announce that it… Read More

All hail Buckwheat! Buckwheat, also known as Kasha is a seed and in no way related to wheat. The seeds come from a plant in the rhubarb family 👏 Buckwheat really packs a nutritional punch. It’s rich in vitamins and minerals like magnesium… Read More

Blueberry & apple chia jam

Jam on toast, jam sandwiches, peanut butter and jam on crumpets……oh the childhood memories! My kids love jam too, so I wanted to make sure they could still have it when we changed our diet. This isn’t the traditional jam you’re used… Read More

When we transitioned to a whole foods plant based diet, I started by adapting our favourite meals. This was the easiest way of getting us all used to it, rather than introducing totally new dishes. We’ve always loved burritos. I think it’s… Read More

Carrot & cumin hummus

We have hummus pretty much every day. I use it as a spread on wraps for hubby’s lunch, the kids have it in their lunch boxes and I have it with quinoa bread. This recipe is so good, you’ll be making it… Read More

So I thought I’d share a bit about my kids Lunch boxes. This isn’t to tell you how to pack it or what to put in it, but just to give you some ideas. Even though we’ve only been plant based for… Read More

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