Sharing my recipes and food experience and journey living and catering for my family and community with a plant-based diet.

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Explaining why we don’t eat meat

I’ve found these videos really useful for explaining why we don’t eat meat. It’s important that my kids understand the choice we’re asking them to make.

Dinner and Left overs

Yummy one pot curry

I made this curry by accident a few weeks ago. It was the day before shopping day and our veg box delivery from Food Together New Plymouth. My fridge and cupboards were pretty bare, it was 3.30pm and I was stressing about what to cook for dinner. I just threw some...

Raw Food and Snacking

Breakfast Brunch and Afternoon Tea

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Dips and Sweet treats

Vegan mayonnaise or cashew cream?

Before we went plant based, we loved mayonnaise. I used to make my own, but it's still not really a healthy food because of the amount of oil in it. We are now in love with this recipe. Whether you want to call it mayo or cashew cream is up to you. Some people will...

A sweet treat

Since going plant based I've really missed my sweet treats. I've got such a sweet tooth and on a bad day I had no problem munching my way through a few home made brownies! I regularly make bliss balls with nuts and seeds, but I needed something which didn't have the...

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