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Sunday Funday

I love sundays. We always have a family outing in the mornings; today was spent at the beach. While the toddlers slept this afternoon, I got to cooking. It was a mega cook up for next week’s lunches.

I made:

1. crispy baked chick peas. They marinated for 2 days in braggs liquid seasoning, pure maple syrup and liquid smoke. They are so delicious, I had to force myself not to eat them all.

2. Brocolli and spinach tots. I used chickpea flour instead of breadcrumbs and they turned out absolutely delicious!

3. Blueberry and apple chia jam. I added the chia seeds after I had blended the fruit. It sets in the fridge and is good to eat after 30 minutes. It’s the easiest jam I’ve ever made!

4. Spelt flour and raisin scones. With only 4 ingredients, these scones only took 5 minutes to make and cook in 10! They’re lovely with the jam.

5. Date and peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. I use buckwheat flour for these cookies, as it creates an amazing texture alongside the peanut butter. I use just enough flour to hold everything together. They melt in your mouth.

6. Date, almond and oat cookies with vanilla are a favourite.

7. Potato curry balls coated in buckwheat flour and breadcrumbs.

8. Dinner was the potato curry mix as patties with rice and veggies.

I’ll only need to add veggies and fruit to the lunchboxes now which will make life much easier.

If you’d like any of these recipes, look out for my next lunchbox workshop!

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Lunch boxes

So I thought I’d share a bit about my kids Lunch boxes. This isn’t to tell you how to pack it or what to put in it, but just to give you some ideas.

Even though we’ve only been plant based for just over a month, we’ve been eating whole foods for a long time now. I’ve also been focused on rubbish free Lunch boxes for about 2 years.

My inspiration came from Claire Deeks. She runs Dom’s kitchen and she’s so passionate and real! She’s actually just moved back to Taranaki, which is really cool. She’s not plant based or vegan but she’s an advocate for real food, truthful labeling on food and she has some great lunchbox ideas.

So I use a Yumbox for Josiah who’s 28 months (yes I am that mum who still uses months!!). I find that I can fill it up with lots of different foods and he can pick and choose what he wants. He usually eats a little of everything, but always wolf’s down the fruit and veg first…go figure.

He can open and close it himself and he’s always really excited to open it when its full. It has sealed compartments when it’s closed, so things like yoghurt don’t leak out. Other liquids which are more watery like the juice of tomatoes do leak so I put things like that in a silicone muffin holder.

This is his lunch box today:

He has:

  1. Frozen peas
  2. A plum
  3. 2 pumpkin & blueberry pancakes (these were frozen when I put them in)
  4. Mixed nuts
  5. A bliss ball
  6. Kalamata olives
  7. Chocolate zucchini muffin

My eldest son is 11 and he uses a Goodbyn hero. We like this one as it has a bigger compartment along with 2 smaler ones. It also comes with 2 little containers for yogurt or nuts etc. He likes it because when his fruit is cut it doesn’t go brown!

His lunch for today:

  1. Chocolate zucchini muffin
  2. Apple
  3. Nectarines
  4. 3 pumpkin & blueberry pancakes
  5. 2 bliss balls
  6. Chick pea & corn burger with salad & vegan mayo (wrapped in a paper towel)

I usually do some bulk cooking on a Sunday which includes food for the lunch boxes. This saves so much time when packing them up. Plus I know they’ll eat it, so I don’t have to contend with a full lunchbox coming home.

One of the perks of being plant based is that in the warm weather we don’t have to worry about food going bad.

Happy lunchboxing 😀

Both lunch boxes were purchased from the lunchbox queen.

Recipes for bliss balls, pumpkin & blueberry pancakes and carrot & cumin hummus coming soon!!