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Thank you!

Happy Customers

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Simone did a Birthday Platter for us. We had a great time relaxing, talking and learnt how to make some incredible dishes. Simone’s communication before the evening meant that everything went smoothly and we could enjoy our night. Thank you (Kathy)

Simone has some great ideas and awesome recipes. This was especially good for me as I am dairy free at the moment while I’m breastfeeding. The classes are fun and Simone is very welcoming and has a wealth of knowledge. (Fiona – Home Demo)

I had a 1-on-1 session with Simone and loved it. She spoke freely, did not judge and we made five recipes in the space of two hours! Highly recommend, she would be great at any dinner party. (Sandra)

Simone ran a plant based cooking class for my birthday that we all enjoyed hugely! My highlight: Raspberry covered chocolate truffles!!! I know, right? (Franziska)

Simone did the catering for a Women’s Networking Event this week for us. She was an absolute pleasure to work with & the food was divine! Delicious, creative & something different from the usual – we will certainly be using Simone again! (Michelle)

It was great fun learning how to make plant based burgers with Simone. We were all hands on making food and learning together. I would highly recommend Simone’s Plant Based Kitchen classes!!! (Lisa)

Being new to plant based cooking this was a great introduction with some awesome lunchbox ideas. I will definitely be trying out the recipes at home and trying other workshops. (Helen)

I had a great time hosting Simone for a mums catch up/cooking class. I loved how accessible Simone makes her recipes, I liked the variations she shared and loved eating the results. I think this would be fun for a unique birthday party or baby shower. Thanks Simone and look forward to testing out these baking recipes at home. (Carissa)

Simone was so creative and inspiring in her cooking class. I had a fantastic night with friends while trying out tasty new ways of cooking and baking. Yum and fun!! (Valerie)

I had Simone over today to show us a bunch of ideas to add vegetables to our family menus. It was wonderful to be able to come up with a suitable menu together that met all our needs (myself and 4 friends). 
Thank you for sharing your story, your experience, your recipes and your passion in a kind and relaxed way. 
Our family has food allergies and still eat meat but were looking for alternatives to try. Simone was friendly, helpful and non judgemental and shared other ideas or substitutes we could try. A great and very helpful 3 hours thank you Simone. (Hilary)

Ordered a lemon blueberry cheesecake for a friend for her birthday. The cake was very nice! The sweetness was perfect. Tasty. We enjoyed the cake. Served it cold. A great treat for the summer. (Sahar)